Waterproof Breathable Fabric

All-Round Protection: Waterproof, Breathable and Water Vapor Permeable

AirySektor is BenQ Materials exclusive technology, which is developed to offer outstanding waterproof, breathability, and water vapor permeability. BenQ Materials AirySektor is SGS certified which is proven to be non-toxic. Its quality and safety is better than TPU and PU.

Thanks to the microporous material, BenQ Materials AirySektor enables superior capability of waterproof, windproof, breathability, and water vapor permeability due to its pore diameters less than 0.2 um. The helps keep skin comfortable and dry with the breathable and unique material.

BenQ Materials AirySektor is the best choice for medical, home and outdoor applications to provide the all-round protection for waterproof, breathability and water vapor permeability.

* AirySektor technology is PFCs-free and friendly to the earth and the human body.