Provides a total solution for nasal, sinus surgery and epistaxis treatment

The ENT Surgical Sponge provides a total solution for nasal, sinus surgery and epistaxis treatment. Lint and fiber- free PVA material has open-cell structure (interconnected pores), giving it both strength and softness, is superior to other fibrous packing materials in the application of post-operative hemorrhage and epistaxis treatment. AnsCare ENT Surgical Sponge is CE-certificated which can perform the highest medical standards to meet patients’ and doctors’ needs in otorhinolaryngology

Product Types


Designed for nasal surgeries

Soft, supportive, anti-adhesive, and low irritation.

Provide optimal pressure during epistaxis treatment

With hydrophilic feature, it can absorb blood quickly

Easy removal

With air-foaming technology, PVA foam prevents bacterial growth, lowers infection, and reduces odor during nosebleed treatment

With breathable airway, effectively reduce patient discomfort

One-step placement


  • Composition
  • Medical-grade PVA foam, Silicone tube, Nylon thread
  • Absorption Rate
  • >10X
  • Sterilization
  • γ-ray Sterilization
  • Application
  • Designed for placing inside the nasal cavities or ear canal for use as a tamponade or hemostasis device to control blood oozing or persistent bleeding
  • Certification
  • CE / TFDA / CFDA

Product Types

  • Standard type

    Standard nasal packs are designed for use in a variety of nasal surgeries: septoplasty, turbinectomy, rhinoplasty, and so forth. They fill and support nasal cavities during surgery, allowing smooth septum ventilation to ensure patient comfort.

  • Anatomic type

    Designed to compactly fill the nasal cavity, anatomic type nasal packs are used during and after nasal surgery. Their optional airway design enhances patient comfort.

  • Epistaxis type

    Epistaxis type nasal packs are used to treat anterior and posterior nose bleeding safely and effectively. Their soft round edges create less friction and reduce irritation during nasal packs insertion. Epistaxis type nasal packs expand, gently compress, and effectively stop bleeding.

  • Sinus type

    Sinus type nasal packs are designed to support the sinus cavity and the osteomeatal complex to ensure airflow through nose and proper breathing. They also expand to stop bleeding through gentle compression, and facilitate recovery. Their rounded edges are designed for easy pack insertion during surgery and comfort during pack removal.


Purified air to form the pores of the sponge material

Without any chemical additives in pore-forming process

High quality and ultraclean without any residue

Distinctive micro-structure, continuous porous web of interconnected material

Low bacterial growth lowers infection