Z-folded, 100% medical-grade chitosan gauze for severe bleeding control

The ChitoClot Gauze is composed of 100% chitosan non-woven. The hemostatic performance is extremely effective comparing to other commercial products impregnated or coated with hemostatic agents. ChitoClot Gauze can maintain their structural integrity even after blood absorption, which is designed specifically for the battlefield and emergency medical professionals to quickly control severe hemorrhage. ChitoClot Gauze also provides a wet-surrounding for wound care purpose.ck sheet design is easy to use while preventing infection.



  • Composition
  • Medical grade chitosan sponge
  • Structure
  • Sponge
  • Size (cm)
  • 2cm×3cm / 2cm×6cm / 3cmx3cm / 6cmx6cm
  • Absorption Rate
  • >30X
  • Application
  • Rapid control of arterial bleeding wounds caused by trauma, interventional radiology, catheterization labs,
    catheters hemodialysis therapy, etc
  • Certification
  • CE / TFDA / CFDA


Hemorrhage of radial artery – PTCA

  • Clean the surrounding of the catheter
  • Align AnsCare ChitoClot Pad center to the puncture site
  • Apply pressure to the puncture site while withdrawing the sheath completely
  • Continuously apply pressure to the puncture site for 3-4 minutes

Hemorrhage of femoral artery - PCI

  • Clean the surrounding of the catheter
  • Press “AnsCare ChitoClot Pad” with a thick gauze on the site and then remove the catheter
  • Apply heavy pressure on the site
  • Tightly bind the site up with elastic bandages and place a sand bag to maintain pressure on it