A unique anisotropic nano-structure light control film (ANSLCF) developed by BenQ Materials that is flexible, transparent, and capable of display images up to 8K resolution on large-sized screens. 


Our NEW ANSLCF double-sided projection film breaks through the limitations of viewing angles and single-sided projections. This was achieved by applying technologies from various fields — including polymers, liquid crystals, nanoparticles, and optical design — together with special manufacturing processes & equipment.


* 2 images, 1 screen:
The dual-image display can show an identical or different image on each side of a screen without cross-interference. 

* Key advantages:
✔️Excellent image quality, color, contrast ratio, resolution, sharpness offers clear visibility for all viewers.
✔️ Optimizes a living space no matter where it is; creates a wow effect.  
✔️ Allows more opportunities for interaction by viewers through the glass.

Learn more about these innovative products in the videos below. Contact us — we’d be delighted to discuss product development opportunities.




NEW ANSLCF double-sided images projection on a transparent film

ANSLCF Anisotropic Nano Structure Light Control Film