Maintain Privacy and See-through Capability

Current PDLC products can instantly change from opaque to transparent mode by simply switching the power on and is able to bring the benefits of privacy protection, UV block, and heat block. But that’s not all.  BenQ Materials integrates laser engraving technique on PDLC products which makes logo and pattern customization on PDLC products a dream come true.  Thanks to the innovative technique and integration, a smart optical film becomes smarter.

Success Cases





PDLC is ideal for shopping mall, office, factory, healthcare, hotel, residential space and exhibition applications.


Office application: Providing a spacious view when power-on while enabling privacy when power-off.








● Bathroom application: Providing a roomy view when power-on while personal privacy is well protected when power-off


● Exhibition application: Being a product showcase when power-on while being an eye-catching advertising screen when power-off.

Success Cases

Taiwan Building Technology Center (Entrance door): PDLC can provides a spacious welcome hall while adding comfort and privacy to any commercial space.




● Technology plant (Cleanroom windows): PDLC is widely used for internal partitions in the factory due to its ability to interchange between clear and shelter.


● Technology building (Office windows): PDLC can creates a larger sense of space flooded with natural light. When required, the switchable glass instantly turns opaque offering privacy on demand.


● Exhibition (Showcase): PDLC can be a showcase as well as a projection screen by switching its transparent and opaque state.This allows to create impressive and dynamic multimedia displays into the surroundings.


● Technology Building (Show room): When it is in its privacy state, it can be used as a projection screen and help turn those glasses of show room into handy dandy projection areas.


  • Thickness
  • Operation Mode
  • Maximum
  • Optical
    Visible Light Transmittance
    View Angle
    UV Block
  • Electrical
    Operation Voltage
    Power Consumption
    Response Time
  • Operation Temperature
  • Storage Temperature
  • Thickness


  • Operation Mode

    On: Transparent / Off: Opaque

  • Maximum

    1,200 x 3,000mm

  • Optical - Visible Light Transmittance

    >80%(On)/ >70%(Off)

  • Optical - Haze

    <4%(On)/ >98%(Off)

  • Optical - View Angle


  • Optical - UV Block


  • Electrical - Operation Voltage


  • Electrical - Frequency

    50 / 60 Hz

  • Electrical - Power Consumption

    6 W / M2

  • Electrical - Response Time

    < 0.5s

  • Operation Temperature

    -10 ~ 70̊C

  • Storage Temperature

    -30 ~ 80̊C