High Compatibility, High-end Industry Preference

The break-in period for the supply of battery separator film requires a long period of time for the safety and stability of the lead-in standard, and we need to test and break-in the best product with customers.

Customer Priority

Customer Priority

High-end Customers’ Preference and Trust

Driven by the global trend of electric vehicles, BenQ’s battery separator film is favored by Japanese automakers to be used in hybrid vehicles, and has become the only battery separator provider in Taiwan to be introduced to Japanese automakers. There are even electric boats and other manufacturers who have introduced the use of BenQ’s battery separator film, which is the best endorsement of our quality and safety.


High Degree of Cooperation with the Introduction of Assistance

The introduction of battery separator film into battery use is not a quick process, and requires R&D, inspection and manufacturing teams to work with customers to adapt the product to their needs.

Through the high degree of cooperation between our own labs and external labs, our team helps customers obtain first-hand data at each stage of pre-sample testing, reducing the pressure of customer’s validation time and shortening the introduction time, enabling customers to complete the target development process as soon as possible and enter the mass production stage quickly.


MIT’s high price / performance ratio outperforms the competition

The pandemic has moved the global manufacturing map, and Taiwanese manufacturing is gaining more and more attention from all walks of life. BenQ Materials is a leader in material science, providing customers with highly stable and affordable products for domestic and international battery cell manufacturers, so customers do not need to consider the safety and cost of introduction, and working together with them to tap into the growing blue ocean of battery applications.