BenQ Materials Showcases Diversified Functional Film Applications at Touch Taiwan 2017

September 22, 2017

BenQ Materials participates the Touch Taiwan 2017 and showcases full line functional film solutions for different applications, including high durability display for outdoor applications, AMOLED solutions for wearable applications, advanced precision machining products for specific target markets and smart optical films for interior decorating applications.  As a leading brand of optical material manufacturer, BenQ Materials also reveals diverse solutions for the future.

BenQ Materials shows its ability on offering high durability polarizer by creating an outdoor bus kiosk so that visitors can easily learn its performance under outdoor environments and experience its wide viewing angle capability.  In addition to polarizer, BenQ Materials is also capable of offering high durability OCA as well as high durability ASF.

For the demand of OLED products, BenQ Materials provides solutions featuring high transmittance and true black, especially ideal for wearable display. Ultra-slim and foldable functional films are also available.     

For highly custom services, BenQ Materials offers advanced precision machining and touch related optical film products.  A naked-eye 3D TV is displayed to demonstrate BenQ Materials’ ability on precision machining technique.  Optical film solutions for e-reader and automotive lighting applications are all set.

One of the must-see product is the PNLC(Polymer Network Liquid Crystals).  It can instantly switch between transparency and opaque.  Better yet, it’s transparent when power off and opaque when power on, which can save power up to 50%, compared to PDLC applications.