BenQ Materials to Debut Its Latest NPWT Dressing Solution at EWMA 2017

May 3, 2017

BenQ Materials is pleased to announce its biomedical brand AnsCare’s participation in EWMA 2017 , located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands during May 3 ~ 5.  AnsCare will showcase its latest dressing solution “NPWT Dressing Kit” as well as its full product lines including Hemostatic Series, First Aid Series and Wound Care Series. 

In order to satisfy the market demand for chronic wound care, AnsCare continuously develops and expands the product diversification of its Wound Care Series.  The “NPWT Dressing Kit” is its first dressing solution to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds that goes with NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) devices.  It helps to create a moist healing environment and reduce edema so that ideally facilitates would healing, especially good for chronic wounds.

Additionally, AnsCare Leniscar Silicone Stick is also a must-see product for wound care.  It’s an innovative scar-removal product which is easy-to-use, efficient, convenient and effective with advanced silicone formula of vitamin C & E.  It provides a brand new scar-removal experience much better than silicone gel.

These superior products will be available for full demonstration at AnsCare booth 2D42.

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