BenQ Materials Receives “2022 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” Award from CommonWealth Magazine

September 20, 2022

Winning the award is another milestone for BenQ Materials’ determination to fulfill its ESG commitments as a sustainable citizen. The magazine’s award selects the best sustainable companies in Taiwan based on international metrics and evaluation methods. A comprehensive selection process is made taking into account four factors: corporate governance, corporate commitment, social engagement, and environmental sustainability.

BenQ Materials scored well on all four categories, especially in corporate commitment related to talent cultivation and employee hospitality. The company continues to build a happy workplace to nurture and retain talent by focusing on two major objectives, namely deepening technical capabilities and diversifying talent development.

Cultivating key talent is pivotal to promoting business development. In the area of training, the company hosts online courses as a convenient medium for learning. The courses are produced in conjunction with external organizations, including CommonWealth Magazine. Employees are encouraged to plan their own learning and apply for company subsidies to attend external training courses.

In terms of the foundations of a healthy life for employees, the company provides health checkups, maternity leave, and parental leave that are beyond what is required by law. These efforts are done to raise awareness of physical health and achieve a work-life balance. The company also has an industry-leading resident psychological service whereby a professional psychologist is available for on-site consultations. This facilitates employees to have a better understanding of themselves and reduces friction in various interpersonal relationships, as well as alleviating broader stresses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for environmental sustainability, BenQ Materials is in line with international standards and has set the goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The company has established a comprehensive energy management system to monitor and reduce carbon emissions and enhance corporate carbon reduction.

On the corporate governance front, each department has in place a rigorous management system. A number of certifications, including the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management Certification (TIPS) and the Information Security Management Certification (ISO 27001), ensure the sound development of the company.

Social participation is another priority for BenQ Materials. With the concept of working with the community for the benefit of the community, the company continues to provide various localized resources. Regular Science Camp events are organized in remote areas to foster children's interest in science. Medical-grade products are donated to Yunlin County to safeguard the health of the elderly there. The company also organizes the Taiwan Farm Food Initiative, which is a program that regularly purchases low-consumption agricultural products in support of small farmers. These efforts have been well received by local residents and exemplify the cooperation between companies and private organizations for environmental and social upliftment.

BenQ Materials continues to enhance its sustainability programs, ensuring that ESG considerations are taken to heart by its people and embedded in its corporate DNA. The company’s sustainability strategies and goals are aligned with global standards and developed with the international community, with the aim to be an exemplary sustainable corporate citizen.

In 2022, CommonWealth Magazine marks its 16th year of the “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” award. As the leading ESG award in Taiwan, it aims to promote sustainability by spotlighting companies that embody excellence in ESG performance.