BenQ Materials Corp. Joins Hands with Yunlin County Government to Safeguard Elderly Care

August 29, 2022

According to the Ministry of the Interior’s 2022 statistics, Yunlin County ranks third among Taiwan's aging cities and counties. Holding steadfast to the ideal of community care, BenQ Materials Corp. donated over 4,000 sets of Xpore medical-grade leak-proof sheets, beddings, protective PPE and other items to the Yunlin County Social Services Office for elderly care. Represented by Ray Liu, General Manager of BenQ Materials Corp., BenQ Materials Corp.’s donations were received by Zhang Li-Shan, the County Mayor. BenQ Materials Corp. worked in concert with the Yunlin County Government to improve the quality of care and fulfilled their duty of care. The Yunlin County Government, aware of the changes in the county’s population and need to care for their people, are working with civil organizations to actively put in place elderly-friendly policies and activities. Their efforts have been recognized many times by the Taiwan Healthy and Age-friendly City award panel and hence received many awards under the Taiwan Healthy and Age-friendly City Awards.

BenQ Materials Corp was founded with the intent is to better support and contribute to the industry, society, and the world across the three avenues of environmental protection, corporate governance, and community care even as it grows and progresses as a company. Ray Liu, General Manager of BenQ Materials Corp., said: “BenQ Materials Corp. has set up a factory in Yunlin over 12 years ago. We insist on developing products and technologies that are beneficial to the environment. Keeping to the ideal of “using local and giving back to the locals”, we continuously dedicate ourselves to Yunlin County’s community care and public welfare activities. In addition to long-time purchases of agricultural products from local farmers and organizing the “SCIENCE” science camp for children in remote areas, this donation of supplies, including medical-grade leak-proof sheets and beddings, to local care facilities is our contribution caring for local residents and fulfillment of our corporate citizenship responsibilities.”

The innovative and environmentally friendly technology behind Xpore, a BenQ Materials Corp.’s waterproof and breathable fabric brand, can block out rainwater and harmful substances* while still allowing humidity and sweat to permeate it, thus achieving truly lasting waterproofing and wind proofing properties whilst maintaining breathability and comfort. Keeping to the company's pledge of sustainable development and being green, Xpore is produced via an environmentally friendly and solvent-free process to ensure that no chemicals harmful to both humans and the environment are produced, thus achieving excellent outcomes in both environmental friendliness and functionality.

*The Xpore fabric passed the Bacteriophage Penetration Test carried out in accordance with ASTM F1671M-13.