「Smart Living Space 」Trends of Smart Innovation

May 6, 2022


Our functional film products can effectively wide angle, anti-glare and anti- reflectivity to present the extreme of six core technologies. Through the video of the Smart Vehicle, Hallway, Entertainment, Working and Multi-application of Materials Science to demonstrate our focus on R&D and innovative applications to further explore every possibility.


Smart Vehicle

Electric vehicles and self-driving technology are the development trends of future vehicles. BenQ Materials has prepared 7 major functional film technologies to provide products with environmental durability and ensure the best energy-consumption performance.

Smart Hallway & Smart Entertainment

Effectively reduce light source reflections and glare in complex environments, and improve the visibility of images to help enhance users’ concentration and protect their eyes.

Smart Working

Cater to various display applications such as workplace equipment, wearable devices, and medical display technologies with high contrast and high-definition performance.

Multi-application of Materials Science

Through the cross-application of the six core technologies, we will continue to focus on R&D and innovative applications to further explore every possibility for sustainability and innovation.