Discover BenQ Materials’ ESG practices in our CEO interview

May 24, 2021

BenQ Materials places great emphasis on its ESG commitments. In this article, Dr. Z.C. Chen, CEO of BenQ Materials, talks about the company’s mission and actions related to ESG management.

BenQ Materials CEO Interview

Can you talk about BenQ Materials’ vision and mission?
As an expert in materials science, we’ve developed numerous products based on core materials science technologies for many industries. These include the optical, medical, green energy, and fabrics industries, all with the aim of creating a better world through the application of materials science. We strive to help society and the world in several ways through multiple ESG initiatives. And in doing so, we aim to strengthen the relationship between local communities and our employees.


What types of ESG activities is BenQ Materials involved in?
From a governance perspective, our top priority is company transparency and responsibility. We want to make sure all our employees, our investors, as well as the general public can understand what BenQ Materials has achieved and is planning to achieve in the future. Furthermore, we create a diverse working environment with gender equality in mind. We have many women in senior-level management. We’re also very focused on risk and information security control.
From a social angle, we look after our employees. We promote a happy workplace so they feel it’s the right place for their career development. Our goal is to get the next generation of professionals to look at BenQ Materials as their top choice for their careers. So we have well-established policies for maternity benefits, relocation support and so forth. We also look after local communities through daily practices such as purchasing products from local farmers as corporate gifts.
From an environmental point of view, we want to reach zero waste. And recycling is a part of that. From zero waste, carbon emissions reduction to a circular economy, we continue to partner with our suppliers and customers to meet this goal. This is an on-going process and we encourage all our employees to work together towards this goal. What’s more, there are many green practices, such as water recycling and waste reduction, that are integral to our entire product design process. We hope to reach zero waste as soon as possible by well-managed design and manufacturing processes.


How do you encourage ESG-conscious practices among your employees?
For starters, we encourage our management team to set an example themselves in a trustworthy and authentic way. We also encourage our employees to connect with local communities through activities such as beach cleaning and taking part in science camps for kids. It’s a way for them to give back to society and protect the environment at the same time. In their daily lives, we encourage our people to practice recycling habits and to reuse resources as much as possible.