Collaborative and Friendly Working Environment

Diversity and Respect for Different Perspectives

Discover a place where collaboration and an inclusive culture thrive. Work with people from diverse backgrounds who are encouraged to share their perspectives. Here, open communications is at the heart of learning from one another and paving the way to creating innovative solutions.

From training courses to various extracurricular activities, leverage opportunities to learn from the best of one another.

Extracurricular Activities

Sports events and festivities bring the team together for interactions in a fun and entertaining setting.


Whether you like yoga, mountain climbing, basketball, running or something else, we got you covered.


Feed Your Mind

Enrich your knowledge with books and magazines in a relaxing environment.

Exercise Well

Various sports facilities are at your disposal for your preferred exercise, including treadmills, basketball, table tennis, billiards.

Eat Well

Enjoy subsidized nutritious meals in the cafeteria.

Professional Labs

Take advantage of different labs with advanced equipment to enhance your R&D competence.

Stay Well

Consult with professional healthcare advisors and take regular health examinations to keep in good form.

Lobby Meeting Room

Meeting rooms that reflect brand personalities and foster creativity.


Comprehensive Training Courses

Access multiple training programs to develop your core competences, including corporate cultural initiatives, team-building workshops, continuous improvement programs (CIP), cool idea campaigns, and other e-learning topics.

Professional Courses

Get certification assessments to enhance your engineering, marketing and sales, scientific, and quality management skills.

Management Courses

As a manager, you’ll get the inside track to our training system as well as a host of external management training courses to hone your skills. We also encourage managers to advance their studies through EMBA programs.