ESH & CSR Policy

To position ourselves as a major player within the material science industry, BenQ Materials believes that “Sustainable Development” is the key factor that sets a company apart from the rest.

In the digital era, BenQ Materials not only strives to improve human lives through our products and services, but also devotes ourselves to “CSR” (corporate social responsibility) and “E.S.H.” (Environment, Safety and Health) to fulfill the genuineness, goodness, and beauty of human life.

To achieve goals, BenQ Materials has planned the following actions: 
●  Comply with relevant regulations of environmental protection, safety and health, customer requirements and other related regulations.

●  Pursue the management with integrity, customer satisfaction oriented, comply with client of Environment, Safety and Health, respect and conserve the employees' rights.

●  Phase in green design concept, import and seek for the replacement of environmental pollutant.

●  Examine and improve the performance of pollution prevention, waste reduction, energy conservation, danger prevention, environmental safety improvement, health and safety promotion, and avoid the occupational injury and illness. 

●  Establish and maintain a clean, well-disciplined, and green environment.

●  Reinforce corporate social responsibility, promote and consult employees to participate in E.S.H. activities and create sustainable management