Quality and Green Product Policy

At BenQ Materials, our goal is to efficiently provide customers with defect-free, competitive green products and services. Our high standards of quality and reliability are the major components to our competitive advantage, as quality is of the utmost priority to both our work ethics and services.

The use of the advanced Production Information Control System (PICS) and automated production lines allow us to maintain our high standard. Through the process, our quality assurance team uses statistics methods to insure the best quality and the highest yield rate.

BenQ Materials remains highly innovated by continuously employing new techniques to maximize efficiency, further improve yield rate and minimize cost. This implicitly provide customers with the most advanced and ambitious products and services. 

The continual advancements in quality have earned us IATF 16949 & ISO 9001:2015 certification, as well as the trust of customers around the globe. The respect and recognition our customers retain for our products are the reasons for BenQ Materials to uphold our immense standard.