R & D

Core Technology

After years of accumulated experience, from material development to process optimization, BenQ Materials has mastered two primary technologies (Optics, Formulation, Synthetic Polymer) and four processing technologies (Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing, Precision Engraving, Precision Coating, Injection + Extrusion).
Based on these 6 core technologies and an understanding of market dynamics, BenQ Materials has successfully extended the applications to 3 major fields: Optical Film & Material, Green Energy Materials, and Medical Care products. From technologies to applications, from laboratories to consumer markets, innovations in application of material science will lead to a creative future - one full of changes for the better.
Core Technology

Excellent R&D Team

To strengthen the company’s R&D capability, BenQ Materials aggressively recruits talents in the field of chemical engineering, physics, chemical materials, polymers, biology, and medicine. Teams operate in a culture characterized by a spirit cooperation, mutual learning and sharing, and a desire to probe fundamental causes. With this R&D strategy as a base, we aim to pioneers and leaders in the field of material science.

Explore advanced technology in material science, grasp the key technology and obtain the relevant intellectual property.

Develop value-added products and components to meet customer needs and seize market opportunities.

Improve existing manufacturing processes and product quality in order to strengthen competitiveness.

Innovation in Application

With our continuous innovations in technology, in application and in strategy, BenQ Materials will continue to create a meaningful life for a future shared by all.